Last night I attended the second rogue pool session in Bloomington. Four of us showed up and I for one had a blast. I spent a lot of time reinforcing the success from last weekend, managing several hand rolls, norsaq rolls, as well as performing and capturing on camera several reverse sweep rolls.
I made the bold move of trying two new rolls as well; one the spine roll, which I failed to fully complete, the video below includes one of my failed attempts. I can complete the roll to a static brace position, but I have not yet been able to make it onto the stern deck unless I leave the paddle behind in the water! More work needed. The second new roll I worked on is the storm roll, forward starting and forward ending, I managed this a couple of times (without good style). It felt awesome when it worked!

This video I edited from 40 minutes of footage shot using my Flip Ultra HD using a trial version of PowerDirecotr from Cyberlink, it seems like a powerful software package. It costs $70 to purchase and that will remove the green title at the start as well as unlock other features. I only used it for cutting and splicing today, but I may try something more fancy next week when I have some time off work.

Ron spent some quality time last night working with Fran on her static brace, which she can now hold for a considerable period of time, her recovery is not yet solid and more pool time will be needed. She has a wonderful attitude towards learning that makes it a joy to work with her. Fred was nailing his screw roll last night with a Euro paddle and I think I spotted him starting to use one of Ron’s GP sticks too.
It was a chilly night and by the time we had everyone’s kayaks on their car roof my hair was frozen solid! The joy of MN.

Inspiration for tonight's pool session.


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