Kingukkut Tunusummillugu

Reverse sweep roll with paddle behind neck

A: The setup for this roll is very similar to the standard reverse sweep roll. Twist clockwise hook the right end of the paddle over the stern. Hold the paddle behind your neck. Your palms should face forward (The way you are looking).

B: Roll in backwards. Arch your back and wait until the back of your head reaches the surface. And you should feel the far end of the paddle above the water too.

C: Keeping your shoulders flat on the water sweep your torso forward. Twist the paddle and sweep it with you.

D: Once you have rotated the paddle perpendicular to the kayak swing your head towards the kayak keeping it low. Drag your nose across the deck.

I found this roll a little odd to finish (you can see that in the video!). But the paddle is so powerful throughout the roll that this was a natural roll to take on after learning the standard reverse sweep roll.