The Romance of Rolling

This summer I was on a mission, a mission to get a new roll. For several years my rolling repertoire had been stagnant, my efforts focused on helping others learn to roll, through mentorship, my work for Qajaq USA, and running Qajaq Camp. Last year I was suffering...

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What is Greenland kayak rolling?

Technique, sport, craft or art? Greenland kayak rolling is like writing, many people do it, each for their own reason and purpose. Each person seeks to achieve a different outcome. There is a deeply personal connection, a relationship, between the paddler and their...

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Bomb proofing your roll

I help a lot of people learn how to roll their kayak. Many people come to a mentoring session and leave having completed a dozen or so rolls that they never dreamed they could do successfully. Many people come back to their next session saying their rolls vanished as...

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Saying good bye to Chris

Chris died last year. His passing was inevitable, stupid words I suppose, each of us will pass, yet Chris passed too soon for me. Yes I grieved when I heard the news from my father. In the moment I think I grieved more for the feelings I imagined within my father than...

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Your most intimate paddling relationship?

Do you fall in love with paddles? I do. I must confess though I am a paddle philanderer. My passion for paddles continues to grow, each time I meet a new paddle I imagine how it will feel slicing though the water, I get giddy anticipating what it can teach me. Each...

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The Benefits of Building a Kayak

I have been distracted from blogging for a year. 2015 was a year of chaotic family life crisis. My prior rhythm of writing blown apart by trips to the ER, Emma's heart surgery, court crap and a plethora of other events ranging from the banal to the consuming. Somehow,...

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The Gathering 2015

This year the Traditional Paddlers Gathering in western Minnesota was perhaps the most enjoyable it has ever been in the four years I have been attending. Perhaps I just arrived with the right attitude, perhaps it was the people that were there, or perhaps it was the return to a more traditional focus that the event had. read more
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