Rolling list

I tend to spend my winters building and rolling indoors. This year more building than rolling. However I had a brief moment to put together a rolling list to help me remember what to practice. Too many times I have been practicing and completely forgot to perform a particular roll, or remember what what rolls I need to work on. With this list printed our and then laminated and slide under my deck lines I can now practice to my hearts content.

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Rolling sessions

This summer I have been running a series of rolling session at our lake home in Minnesota. If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for the sessions please send me an email at Due to the demand I am not publicly announcing each session, instead invites are going out via email. I am still offering private rolling sessions too so feel free to reach out and request those also.

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My multiple midlife crises

I don’t consider my journey a crisis, but we lack a better way of describing a transformational period during our mid-life, I am, after all, getting dangerously close to the big five oh. …… I have experienced rather a lot of changes in these past twelve months, I am currently a bearded, tattooed, vegetarian, teetotal, Yogi, Greenland paddler who meditates every day, and I love it.

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Why I use a Greenland Paddle

An appreciation of the subtle joys of the traditional paddle Like religion, people newly converted to traditional paddling can be a little over zealous. Proclamations of the Greenland paddle’s superiority over other styles are rampant on the internet, and are...

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Why preserve the history of Kayaking?

So why worry about preserving the past? Why preserve the Greenland Qajaq Culture? It is my belief that history has value. Amongst the many things history can teach us are skills, values, identity, and it can provide a legacy around which communities can be sustained.

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Fall fun with the Finns

There are only a few weeks left now when the water will be fluid in Minnesota. The Fall (Autumn) represents the transition from green to brown as the leaves move through the intense colors from green to reds to golden yellow before finally falling brown and withered....

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What is Greenland kayak rolling?

Technique, sport, craft or art? Greenland kayak rolling is like writing, many people do it, each for their own reason and purpose. Each person seeks to achieve a different outcome. There is a deeply personal connection, a relationship, between the paddler and their...

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Bomb proofing your roll

I help a lot of people learn how to roll their kayak. Many people come to a mentoring session and leave having completed a dozen or so rolls that they never dreamed they could do successfully. Many people come back to their next session saying their rolls vanished as...

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Breaking through the glass ceiling – elbow rolling

Yesterday evening I ran a mentoring session at the cabin, helping people to develop their kayak rolling. Two other mentors, Mike and Renee, came to help. A few people showed up early, Mike being one of them. Mike and I don’t get enough time to play together so I leapt...

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Anders Thygesen – A Portrait of Paddling Passion

Two years ago my world changed for the better; I met Anders Thygsesn at the Delmarva Paddler's Retreat. It is not often that I meet someone who so profoundly moved me through their words and actions. Externally he is a tall lanky man, with wavy hair, dashing good...

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