Saying good bye to Chris

Chris died last year. His passing was inevitable, stupid words I suppose, each of us will pass, yet Chris passed too soon for me. Yes I grieved when I heard the news from my father. In the moment I think I grieved more for the feelings I imagined within my...

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Your most intimate paddling relationship?

Do you fall in love with paddles? I do. I must confess though I am a paddle philanderer. My passion for paddles continues to grow, each time I meet a new paddle I imagine how it will feel slicing though the water, I get giddy anticipating what it can teach me. Each...

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The Benefits of Building a Kayak

I have been distracted from blogging for a year. 2015 was a year of chaotic family life crisis. My prior rhythm of writing blown apart by trips to the ER, Emma's heart surgery, court crap and a plethora of other events ranging from the banal to the consuming. Somehow,...

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A paddling journey

Filmed: 10/16 - 10/17/2015 Location: Apostle Islands National Lake Shore Paddlers: Fran Lesicko, Mike Woida, Christopher Crowhurst Filmed and edited By Christopher Crowhurst

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The Gathering 2015

This year the Traditional Paddlers Gathering in western Minnesota was perhaps the most enjoyable it has ever been in the four years I have been attending. Perhaps I just arrived with the right attitude, perhaps it was the people that were there, or perhaps it was the return to a more traditional focus that the event had.

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Training Camp 2015 – A prodigy rises

I knew something was up when Tammy yelled across the water "This is above my pay grade, we need your help". Training camp had started as it always does with a furious paddle across Lower Herring Lake to arrive in time to hear the dinner bell...

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The forward crunch stroke

If I had a dollar for every time a traditional paddler has come stick in hand asking for help after being show the “right way” to paddle by a club instructor, I could buy a decent bottle of single malt at least once a season for sure. Now...

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Qajaq Q&A

For the past three weeks I have started a new project called Qajaq Q&A. It was inspired by a marketing "guru" whom I follow on Twitter who has for the past year been answering questions everyday on camera about marketing. I thought it would...

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A dichotomy of paddles – East meets West

Many people only think of the skinny Greenland “stick” when they think of traditional kayak paddles. Reducing Traditional Paddling to just the Greenland qajaq and paddle is doing a disservice to the vast array of other cultures that developed their own versions of...

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$350 and a ball of string

I completed the Shrike-Skin qajaq project in time for my wife and my annual spring trip to the North Shore. The North Shore is the local’s term for the Minnesota Western shore of Lake Superior, and is home to a large number of State Parks and National...

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