Roll of the day – Armpit or Shotgun Roll

The Greenlandic name for this roll "Paatip Kallua Tuermillugu Illuinnarmik" literally means "using only one arm, with the paddle touching the shoulder". This far more accurately describes the roll than the modern English name. This roll has nothing to do with your...

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Roll of the day – Forward Forward Clenched Fist

The forward finishing clenched fist roll is perhaps one of the hardest forward finishing roll to execute. A good progression to get to this roll is the Storm roll, the forward finish norsaq rolls, and then the forward finishing hand roll. I was delighted when I got...

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How many ways to fail at the same kayak roll?

Yesterday sucked. It is undeniably the worse day of every year. Well at least the past 6 years. It is the end of Emma’s summer visitation with us. I took her to the airport and put her on her flight out east. I had decided prior to yesterday that going rolling would...

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Roll of the day – Spine Roll

The Aariammillugu or spine roll has little to do with your spine. In fact the more literal translation of the original name is "touching the area between the shoulder blades". This more accurately reflects the position the paddle is in. When I started learning this...

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Roll of the day – Reverse Sweep

The Kingumut Naatillugu, literally means "holding the paddle pointed/touching aft". Not only does this roll look really impressive, it also is very powerful. It is a sweep roll starting from behind and finishing forward. It was the first roll I learned where you roll...

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Baby seals in training

Emma and Katelyn continued their kayak training this weekend. Both paddled a couple of miles with a Greenland paddle. This was their first attempt to go any distance using one. Katelyn is a convert, Emma is not sure. Emma is struggling with her form. Her hands are too...

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Rolling with a Lumpy norsaq and a rock

I had some fun today trying out the new norsaq from Lumpy Paddles. The design makes no attempt to pretend to be a harpoon throwing stick. This is a thoroughbred rolling stick. It's design leads you to hold it at the narrow end with the large smooth rounded blade...

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Instinct v thinking

Oh why oh why is it sometimes easy to get a roll to work and other times impossible? Every practice session is different. Last night, just before sunset, I took my Tahe out with the root beer paddle for some rolling practice. I decided to go for it. So I put the...

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DVD Review: Greenland Rolling with Maligaq and Dubside

This week a new Greenland Rolling training video was release by the University of Sea Kayaking. It features the highly experienced Maligaq Padilla, who has won the Greenland Rolling Championship no less than eight times, and renowned Dubside from the US.I got my copy...

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Roll of the day – Storm Roll

I recently received a lot of coaching help with my Storm Roll. I was easily able to complete the roll and as a result had lapsed into some bad habits. The Storm roll is the first forward finishing roll I recommend you learn. Prior to starting learn this roll make sure...

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Roll of the day – Crook of elbow

Pakassummillugu Unermillugu - "(holding the paddle) in the crook of your arm". Originally designed to train hunters to recover with something held in their hand, or with one hand injured or tangled up in their hunting lines.Like the standard roll and the armpit roll...

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