The Gathering

I could tell within fifteen minutes that I was going to have a good time at the 2013 gathering. At times I am dense, but over the years I have learned a hard won lesson, that many times one's attitude and mood are a decision. On the drive to Alexandria I had decided...

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Kayak Rodeo

This year was the third annual Inland Sea Kayakers (ISK) Picnic and Rodeo. The ISK is a Twin Cities based sea kayak club with 250+ members, and this year I am acting as president. Last year I won the event and rather than compete again this year I opted to photograph...

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Qajaq Harpooning

Here is Minnesota we are luck enough to hold an annual Gathering of traditional paddlers. Ostensibly organized by the Northern Lights Qajaq Society, this event is kept alive by the passions of a few dedicated local paddling enthusiasts. I was lucky enough to attend...

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Greenland Rolling in the UK

I recently returned from a trip to the UK. During the trip I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of days afloat. The first day was spent paddling with my father in the vicinity of Plymouth Sound, enjoying the fast tides, salty water, rock gardens and...

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Flexibility – A key to Greenland style kayak rolling.

Rolling a kayak is almost passé these days in Minnesota. We have more people rolling than I can ever remember. At the end of this past winter’s pool season we lined kayaks up sideways across an entire full size swimming pool and everyone (20+ people) rolled, it was...

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Gear for Greenland style kayaking

I am seriously obsessed by the art and craft of Greenland style rolling. This obsession has bought me into contact with a large variety of kayaks, paddles and other gear. Greenland qajaqs, Greenland Paddles, Tuiliks, Harpoons. You name it I have tried it. Many people...

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Sculling success on a busy weekend

This past extended weekend was centered on the US holiday of Independence Day. The usual fireworks and festivities seem to have lost their original significance in America, to celebrate the Declaration of Independence from the British in 1776. Instead the 4th just...

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When you are stuck, stop

Rolling a kayak consistently has a lot to do with developing good muscle memory. As we repeat the motion of a roll our body learns the sequences of muscle movements we need to execute to perform it, and we develop muscle memory. When learning a roll we inevitably fail...

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I miss Chris

A couple of days ago I was driving to work feeling very tired, I took a turn off the highway and found my way to a local coffee house. After standing in line behind the other quiet, sleepy clientele I ordered my shot of caffeine and was handed a few dollar bills of...

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Spirito Inuit

I was recently exchanging emails with an online acquaintance, Curt Gashlin, discussing Greenland mentoring. The dialog reminded me of a subject I have been meaning to write about for some time, the differentiation between a Greenland kayaking mentor and a general...

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A different North Shore trip

This past weekend I led a three day trip up the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. There were six of us, each at very different places with our paddling skills and experience of paddling Lake Superior. I car pooled with Jeff, bringing along the kayak trailer...

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North Shore Weekend

Jacquelyn and I spent a long weekend visiting our favorite North Shore destinations. Much hiking, photography, great food, and a visit to a spa. This view of the Grand Marais Harbor wall and lighthouse is one I have revisited numerous times due to the lovely lichen in...

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