Free download – Rolling with Sticks® Guidebook and Video

Why free and why now?

Rolling with Sticks® started as a fun project to document the progress I was making as I learned the different Greenland style kayak rolls. This work evolved into the water proof guidebook that is available for sale in the webstore. After completing the book I realized that during the time I learned the rolls I had recorded enough video to assemble a video guide of all the rolls. Both projects have now paid for the costs of production and rather than continue to charge money from these projects I have decided to release both and make them freely available for download. You can continue to buy printed copies of the book on waterproof paper, as well as copies of the DVD if you want a physical copy, they are both available from my webstore. Below are links to view the video and download both the guidebook and video, please share them with your paddling friends, and help me to help promote the art of Greenland rolling. Thank you.

Download Rolling with Sticks® Guidebook
To download the guidebook please use this link for English, and this link for Spanish.

View Rolling with Sticks® video
You can now watch Rolling with Sticks® using the video player below

Click to play with Spanish subtitles
Click to play with English subtitles

Download Rolling with Sticks® Video
Right Click and select save to download the Standard Definition video file (720×360 475MB)
Right Click and select save to download the High Definition video file (1280×720 2.7GB)

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Qajaq Rolls Llc maintains the copyright of Rolling with Sticks® guidebook and DVD, as well as ownership of the Rolling with Sticks® trademark.
You may distribute Rolling with Sticks as long as you make no financial gain, do not modify them in any way, and attribute them to Qajaq Rolls Llc.


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