Gear Reviews

A collection of blog posts that have reviewed various paddling gear, kayaks etc that I have tried over the past few years. Feel free to contact me if you want me to write about any other products.

Frogtown Kayaks – The fleet expands

In recent years I have exchanged emails and traded messages on forums about the merits of skin-on-frame kayaks. Clearly they can be a closer replica of the origins of our sport than the glass fiber models that I paddle. I have heard that they feel different when...

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Brooks Tuilik v Reed Tuiliq the great debate

I started using a Brooks Tuilik about three years ago; they are the predominant Tuilik worn by the Greenland aficionado at the local paddling club (Inland Sea Kayakers). Brooks  is a family run business out of Vancouver, onthe west coast of Canada. The Tuilik comes in...

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