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The World’s Only DVD and Waterproof Guidebook for Greenland Style Kayak Rolling

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Rolling with Sticks® DVD and Guidebook
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Greenland style rolling can be a relaxing, yoga-like exercise. Rolling is also a tremendously valuable self-rescue technique, and should be the go-to recovery for any serious kayaker. Greenland rolls are steeped in the history of the Inuit people, whose very survival depended upon their ability to roll up and recover while hunting. This unique waterproof book was designed by Christopher Crowhurst to be used afloat. The book is printed on Xerox premium NeverTear water resistant polyester paper. Its spiral binding allows it to be opened up to a specific roll and placed on your kayak’s foredeck under the deck lines. The rolls are divided into four sections; layback, forward finishing, throwing stick and finally hand rolls. Each section is listed in the recommended order to learn the rolls. The rolls get progressively harder as you work through each section. This book contains 25 rolls. Each roll is illustrated with eight diagrams and comprehensive written instructions. Designed to complement the guidebook the DVD covers the 25 rolls in depth. Filmed from many angles including underwater and overhead, this DVD provides a training aid for paddlers looking to expand their rolling repertoire.

“An excellent way to expand on basic and advanced Greenland skills with clear and detailed models of many layback, forward finishing, norsaq/throwing stick and hand rolls…. I learned two new rolls the first day…. This is going to be an excellent tool for learning more advanced rolls.” Jay from Florida“There is no substitute for being able to have [Rolling with Sticks®] with me and the fact it can get wet…. the written description suits my learning style…. its tempting to hang upside down and read…. great job, many thanks!” Lesley from Orkney

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Rolando con groenlandesa


$49.95 with free worldwide shipping

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Rolar al estilo groenlandés es un ejercicio relajante, como el yoga. El rol es también una técnica de autorrescate tremendamente efectiva, a considerar por el kayakista que se lo tome en serio. Provienen del pueblo inuit, pues su supervivencia dependía de su habilidad para recuperarse tras un vuelco. Christopher Crowhurst ha creado un exhaustivo vídeo sobre los roles de estilo groenlandés. Creado para complementar la guía el DVD trata 25 roles en profundidad. Filmado desde varios ángulos sobre y bajo el agua, este DVD ayuda a palistas que quieran aumentar su repertorio de roles. Esta guía impermeable única la diseñó Christopher Crowhurst para usarla a bordo. Impresa en papel de poliéster resistente al agua Xerox Premium NeverTear. Encuadernada con espirales permite abrirla en un rol concreto y colocarla sobre la cubierta bajo las gomas.
Los roles se dividen en cuatro secciones; recostados, con remate proel, con lanzador (norsak) y finalmente de mano. Cada sección se lista en el orden recomendado para aprenderlos. La dificultad aumenta progresivamente al avanzar en cada sección. Contiene 25 roles. Cada rol se ilustra con 8 diagramas y unas claras instrucciones.

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