Paddle in front Roll


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This is not one of the standard competition rolls. I first came across it on YouTube called the “Viagra roll” for obvious reasons. I gave it a slightly more politically correct name. If anyone knows an official name for this please email me. This is basically a spine roll with the paddle held in front of you rather than behind you.

A: Start with the paddle held against your chest and abs. Your lower (left) hand will grasp the paddle with your palm towards your body. Your upper (right) hand will grasp the paddle palm forward. Lean forward and dip the tip of the paddle into the water.

B: Roll in left and wait for the paddle tip to surface. Rotate your body ahead of the paddle.

C: Arch your back and press with your knee to rotate the kayak. Swing your body and paddle aft together.

D: Recover on the back deck with the paddle still angled out to the left about 45 degrees with the kayak.

Start and finish with the paddle held in a vertical position for maximum effect.

Rol con pala frontal

a) Empieza con la pala frente a tu pecho y abdomen. Mano derecha en el mástil. Mano izquierda más baja cerca de la punta. Dóblate adelante y hunde la punta de la pala en el agua.

b) Vuelca por la izquierda y espera a que la punta de la pala llegue a la superficie. Gira el cuerpo por delante de la pala.

c) Arquea tu espalda y presiona la rodilla para rotar el kayak. Mueve tu cuerpo y la pala a la vez hacia popa.

d) Recupérate sobre la cubierta trasera con la pala aún extendida por la izquierda unos 45 grados respecto al kayak.


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