Quick succession of standard rolls

Nerfallarlugu Assakaaneq – rolling, lying on one’s back, round and round.

This roll is cooler than an Iceberg. No one, not even the uninformed, can fail to be impressed by the sheer craziness of trying to roll your kayak a gazillion times in ten seconds.
Obviously to be able to complete this roll sequence you need to be able to do the Standard Greenland Roll.
In competition you only have 10 seconds to complete a minimum of three rolls. There is no time to set up. You need to plunge into each roll. Continuing the kayaks rotation caused by the sweep and knee pressure of the previous roll.
Bringing the paddle back from the swept out position to the other side to roll in takes some time. A shorter paddle and or moving your hand position closer to the center can reduce this time and effort and result in a faster roll.
Getting a tight tuck on the foredeck at the start of each roll can help also as it will allow the kayak to spin fater when you are underwater.
One final piece of advice to those about to try this for the first time; Remember to breath. Fill up first, and grab a quick breath between each roll.


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