Spring Lake

We are in the process of buying a cabin on Spring Lake, this of course provides many opurtunities for geeking out and researching the area. This morning I found the DNR site which details everything from water depth to water quality, as well as a great series of maps.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Site for Spring Lake

Minnesota DNR Lake Finder site

Lake Water Quality Data Summary
Total Phosphorus Mean: 112 ppb (parts per billion)
Total Phosphorus Standard Error: 6 ppb
Total Phosphorus # of Observations: 79
Chlorophyll-a Mean: 60.2 ppb
Chlorophyll-a Standard Error: 3.6 ppb
Chlorophyll-a # of Observations: 121
Secchi Disk Mean: 1 meters
Secchi Disk Standard Error: 0.1 meters
Secchi Disk # of Observations: 101
Alkalinity Mean: ppm (parts per million)
Color Mean: Platinum-cobalt Units
Carlson Trophic Status for Total Phosphorus: 72
Carlson Trophic Status for Chlorophyll-a: 71
Carlson Trophic Status for Secchi Disk: 60
Overall Trophic Status: H

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