3 days closer to finishing

Today we transformed the bathroom, it is now a light blue color, and is await its new baseboards.
The kitchen cabinets are now in their final place, attached to the walls. I fitted the under cabinet led lights and then the trim to hide them along the bottom edge of the upper cabinets. I also fitted 20 handles to the doors, they are wavy lines that match the wavy lamp fixtures we have fitted above the kitchen island. My in laws came by the afternoon to help us. My mother-in-law painted the door frames and my father-in-law spray painted a bedroom door (outside). J also patined the baseboards and door frame in the kitchen and hall. We have made progress on emptying E’s room which is now the final target for the paint brushes. And the breezeway and garage are now collecting all the tools and patin etc.

Today the weather was fabulous and it made us realize why we had bought the cabin in the first place, the view from the deck was great, my final job of the day was to remove the railing and cut it down to a third of its original height and refit it so that less of the view is obscured when you are sitting back in the seats.

First thing this morning I spotted a family of ducks, including a mass of brand new babies scurrying after the mother, it was interesting watching them navigate under around and over some of the docks sticking out into the lake, I see now why more regulation is needed to ensure the safety of all the lake’s inhabitants.

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