Tremendous cabin progress

J and I took Friday off work and we hit the paint brushes hard.
The living room now is complete except for one final coat of white gloss on the woodwork.
K’s bedroom is also complete apart from the woodwork needing painting. We finished painting her walls, ceiling, fitted the new oak laminate floor, fitted the baseboard and moulding, hung her closet doors and finally refitted the light.
In the bathroom we spackled, primed the walls with two coats of Killz and painted the ceiling.
Tomorrow we intend to complete the woodwork in both rooms and finish painting the woodwork in the living room and K’s bedroom, paint the bathroom walls their final color (very pale blue) and last but not least to fit the kitchen cabinets (lower ones) the walls so we can have them measured for the counter tops to be made.
I am really looking forward to removing all the plastic sheets that are lying everywhere covering floors and cabinetry.
Thankful the last two days have been quieter in the datacenter, so now more core infrastructure snafus, and no emergency conference calls.

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