Great day

Today huge progress was made, I laid the laminate floor in E’s room, fitted base boards and molding, and then helped J remove all the plastic taped down all over the floors. The cabin was transformed from a working zone to a home today.
On Tuesday the appliances are delivered, on Thursday 80% of the furniture is delivered and on Friday they are measuring for granite counter tops in the kitchen.
Someone asked today about the “deck” and permits. I found an interesting out, if the deck is lower than 30 inches and not attached to the house (and it isn’t, hence the set of posts at the house end of the deck) it does not need all the inspections etc. it made life a whole lot easier not to have to worry about all the timing etc. I followed code for the construction, two beams made up of two off ten by twos screwed together every 16 inches, eight by twos at 16 inch centers for the joists and inch and a quarter planking, the posts go down 48 inches, well below the the frost zone and are 10 inch diameter with the posts (four off four by four) going down resting on 8 inches of concrete….back filled down the holes with concrete.
My arms ache….not sure if it was the holes, the concrete or all the drilling and screwing.
After we washed the floors for the second time and the windows we took the kayaks out for a spin. J’s first time afloat (outside of the pool) in the Eliza, she loved it….
Oh and as an aside, I assembled a grill for out on the deck today also (as if there wasn’t enough to do)…..

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