First soccer game

It’s way too early on a weekend to be up rushing around getting ready to take K to soccer, but we are. We practiced a lot last night, her first game is going to take place without her attending practice (there was only one), she managed to kick me in the shins, then higher, then trod on my foot with her cleats – ouch….. girl soccer is tough.
Yesterday I upgraded my iPhone software from 3.01 to 3.1, no errors no issues durring the upgrade, however 15 minutes later it turned into a brick. Plugged it back in “Your phone is in recovery mode, please restore it to factory defaults” tried that four separate times, each time within an hour it was a brick again. Then called Apple Support they had me upgrade iTune to 9.0 then restore the phone again, it was a brick again within 90 minutes, of course by then Apple Support was closed for the night. So I now have a weekend of no email device….. am going to break the rule and take my laptop to the cabin this morning and check via the Verizon wireless card in it.
Fortunately I was able to remove the SIM from the iPhone and put it into an old flip phone I had so I am at least with phone and SMS still.
I am towing the SUT (Sports utility trailer) over to the cabin with Darth on it today and then will be fitting it for the Eliza for next weeks trip up to the North Shore, we are both really looking forward to hiking the hills , seeing the leaves and kayaking in the lakes, plus of course having really nice food in Grand Marais (Try the Angry Trout if you are ever there), and even possibly Lutsen, a new restaurant has opened at Caribou Highlands that we are planning on trying.

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