Still grinning from having too much fun

Went for a paddle around the lake this afternoon, it was windy, very few people out, just a handful of fisherman (one fisherwoman). The water was still surprisingly warm, so I put on the new nose clips and rolled. My first was tentative as usual, but I came up easily. I then relaxed and tried a series of them really concentrating on laying back on the deck and coming up and out late. After a dozen successes I sculled down into a static brace, and came up easily. I then tried flopping down into it, unsuccessfully, promptly ending upside down, I rolled up. The next time I tired again and went back upside down. This time I rolled and kept on rolling, and rolling, eventually something went wrong, I forgot to take a breath so I ended up wet exiting. Spluttering like a whale. I re-entered and rolled up and then paddled a very unstable kayak full of water to the beach emptied it and came home victorious.
I love rolling!

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