Paddling Prior Lake

Hangin' with Ron Ron S and I paddled gently around the Northern end of Prior Lake today, I wearing my tuilik (3mm Neoprene) in the 95F heat required frequent rolling to stay cool, Ron just did it for the hell of it.
We saw a great number of fish today, mostly alive, one large carp floating dead on the surface and a kayak load of bass in the reeds and weeds. Speaking of weed we saw a lot of the nasty invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil variety taking over some of the shallower waters of the coves. Not long and they wont be navigable.
The Eurasian Watermilfoil weed has come to Prior LakeThe New design for the back support in the Tahe worked great, lot of support and I was able to roll without any pain in my back, lay backs were comfortable. I practiced my forward finishing rolls and was successful with most – for some reason I struggled with the Reverse Sweep with Norsaq – I will have to practice that more this week to get it back. My forward forward hand roll went good, I just had to trust the kayak and hang on and let her take care of finishing the roll.
For a school day during office hours the lake was surprisingly busy, many jet skis and power kayaks, not many fishing though, just zooming around and being irritating. I think I will reserve Prior Lake for early morning paddles for the rest of the season.

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