A day off from the pool

Emma was in town for a long weekend of Presidents day and we were blessed by a wonderful storm dumping 6-10 inches of snow on us. We had planned to go skiing as Emma had been in ski school over the Christmas and New Year holidays so the timing of the storm could not have been better.

Emma emerging from the whiteout on Sitz her favorite black diamond run.

The wind got up to about 20mph at peak which made it a bit chilly at the top of the hill, but this did not stop the girls. Emma triumphed skiing the small black diamond hill half a dozen times after lunch, towards the end she was letting the skis run and was able to hold on  several times without falling – she was a trooper, and her grinning pink cheeks told me she was having a blast!

The whole tribe exhausted but fulfilled after five hours on the slopes.

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