An analysis of 2010 USCG Kayak incident statistics

The full document can be found here I have done my best to extract all the relevant data for Kayak paddlers.
52 people died and 34 people reported injuries in kayak incidents.
6 deaths and 3 reported injuries occurred in rented kayaks.

The peak age range for deaths was 50-59 year olds, the peak age range for injuries was 40-49 year olds.

The most frequent report injury was hypothermia, the most frequent cause of death was drowning.
20 of the 52 people who died were wearing PFDs, including 16 or the 42 drowning victims.

Update: here is the distribution of contributing factors of reported Kayaking accidents:
Update: A contributor from the QajaqUSA.Org Greenland forum pointed out that White Water accident statistics are available at the American Whitewater web site here

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