Ocean Paddler Magazine – Rolling with Sticks

Richard Parkin Editor of Ocean Paddler Magazine has started a new section in the online edition of his magazine that focuses on Greenland paddling. As a part of this months section he published a review of Rolling with Sticks, I have to say this is the most comprehensive review yet. The review concludes as follows:

“If you are interested in delving into Greenland rolling and trying to learn a range of different rolls, this book and DVD are invaluable. As stated at the start of the review, the combination of DVD and guidebook is, to my mind, the best option. While no DVD or book can ever replace practice and coaching to learn or improve, it can speed up and enhance the process and provide the logical next steps (particularly if the DVD and book are as well thought-out and produced as these are). I heartily recommend visiting Christopher’s website (https://qajaqrolls.com) to find out more about the book and DVD as well as make use of the wealth of free resources he provides.”

Also in this months edition is an article by yours-truly on the role of flotation in Greenland style rolling, I am working on an article for the next edition….

The Rolling with sticks DVD and waterproof guidebooks can be purchased by visiting our online store.

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