Sea Kayaker Magazine – Rolling with Sticks

In the August edition of Sea Kayaker Magazine Duane Strosaker reviewed both the Rolling with Sticks Waterproof Guidebook and DVD. He concludes the review with the comment:

“Between the website, waterproof book and DVD, Rolling with Sticks has uniquely diverse and helpful resources for aspiring rollers to use at home and on their kayaks.”

Duane’s review was very fair. This and the Ocean Paddler Magazine review lead me to want to comment that the guidebook, DVD and website are designed to be used together, and complement each other, and anyone of them in isolation is insufficient in my opinion. Everyone’s learning style differs, it is my hope that the multimedia experience all three (book, dvd and website) in combination will suit a great number of people.

Rolling with Sticks is now available for sale from Sea Kayaker Magazine’s online store here, and through our online store here.

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