3/4 done

After spending the morning at the pool I went over to the cabin and spent three hours completing the fiddley siding arround the door and fitting the second vent into the gable.
The shed now just has one side remaining for the siding and then the door I will be ready for the door. I have ordered a custom made sectional roll-up.
Doing the siding on the front was more complex than I had imagined because each of the two sides had to be level with each other so that the first full length of siding meets at the top of each small section accurately, fortunately we had spent time making sure the top of the door was horizontal so I was able to use that as a datum and measure downwards to start the second size the correct distance. It ended up only being a 1/4 inch out by the time both sides were completed, and I hid this in the channel above the door. I finished the inside of the door space with 4 inch wide solid vinyl board which looks excellent, held in place with white painted stainless screws. I still have yet to decide how to finish the front of the floor, maybe more vinyl board….

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