45 cold minutes

I went over to the cabin this evening, via Home depot of course. I replaced the fashion pieces surrounding the door opening with wider six inch pieces to ensure the door can shut against a clean edge. Additionally I fitted a vinyl board across the front of the shed at floor level to finish the look more than anything else. Yesterday I found another door manufacturer locally who has agreed to fabricate a sectional steel (galvanized of course) roll up door. They came and measured today and have agreed to fit next week. Mike “the network” has agreed to come and assist me this weekend as I have some two person jobs to complete, including finishing the siding on the kayak shed, and completing the work around the new sliding glass doors which are still just Tyvek at the moment.
The lake has fully thawed now, and as I put the final screw into the vinyl the sun set across the lake, the colors looked great. On the beach on the far side I can see great sheets of ice piled up, I guess pushed there by the southerly breeze.
Next week I look froward to moving the remaining four kayaks over to their new home and if I am lucky taking the first paddle of the season in Spring Lake.
The temperature plummeted this evening once the sun went down, dropping nearly ten degrees from the time I arrived, hopefully the warm weather forecast for Friday and Saturday will come through, but it looks like Sunday will be an indoors day, as snow and rain are forecast (again). If you have been noticing the poor quality of the pictures recently on the blog, I have taken to using the Blackberry Bold to snap a few shots, they are just about okay for the blog, but no good for printing, they are all blurry, I intend to find out if it is possible to focus the lens better, of if this is as good at it gets.

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