Afternoon project

I spent Sunday afternoon assembling a series of plumbing parts, stainless bolts and webbing to construct a kayak stand so I can work on and wash the lake gunk off the kayaks before they are put away in the shed. It works extremely well and the Explorer is now de-sanded for the first time all year.
I also spent a few hours working on the new sports utility trailer, I have fitted the two bike racks and adjusted the kayak rests to where I think they will all fit. Now I need to take it back to the cabin and try the kayaks for size.
Ideally we would like to be able to take two bikes and two kayaks on our trip up the north shore next month.

During our morning paddle we discovered the second creek entering into the lake, the entrance was deliberately hidden by someone who has been systematically blocking the river using branches. We were able to slide across the tops of the logs at one end and then had a very serene paddle up into the wetlands. The DNR will need to come and clean up the mouth of the creek….
Oh and one learning for the weekend… don’t leave uncooked chicken in the refrigerator at the cabin and expect to come back two weeks later and have a pleasant smelling kitchen.

We had a Cuban themed Saturday evening, I cooked a Cuban spicy pork stew, made from blended chills, garlic, roasted onions and tomatoes mixed with pork stock, the pork was then simmered in this mixture for 90 minutes – very tasty (but a little less chili required next time so we can enjoy it). We also experimented with mixing mojitos – by the end of the second glass they were tasting just right… or were they?

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