Another great pool session

This time the final SKOAC session of the year, a dozen people showed up and much fun and learning took place. Karen perfected her standard roll and went on to discover the joys of the butterfly and shotgun rolls. And another people got there first ever rolls. It was very cool to see those smiling faces after such accomplishments. We have one more pool session scheduled for the 31st in Bloomington, and there are two more ISK sessions left.
I spent some time just repeating all my rolls learned to date, and then decided to switch to work on my offside. I was able to perform all of the paddle lay back rolls, and then progressed to the forward finishing rolls, I was successful with the storm and the cross armed roll, but failed on the offside reverse sweep roll, so more work needed there. I was able to perform the forward to back Norsaq and hand rolls on my off side. So all in all much progress and a good reinforcement session for all the other rolls I have learned this winter.
The lakes are rapidly thawing, we hit 62F in Savage this afternoon and as we strolled around the neighborhood ice was melting everywhere, the ponds where all cracking and I suspect we will soon have some open water around the edge of Spring lake. Anyone want to join me for the first cold roll of the season?

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