Armpit Roll

Greenland Kayak Armpit Roll:

Paatip Kallua Tuermillugu Illuinnarmik

Armpit Roll

Despite the name this roll is not performed with the paddle in the armpit, its synonym “shotgun” makes more sense as the paddle should be positioned with the end on the right side of your chest just where a shot gun butt would sit if you were about to fire it.

A: The right hand grips the paddle palm down on top of the paddle at nearly full reach, gentle hold the paddle in place with pressure from your right hand. When learning this roll you will feel like you need to push it really hard against your chest, if you are like me you will end up bruising yourself at first, learn to relax and with practice you will come to realize not much pressure is needed. The far tip of the paddle is the swung left (counterclockwise) and dipped into the water on the left side of the front of the kayak. Lean forward to push it in deeper.

B: Roll in left. The key to the setup is to wait for the paddle tip to surface. Get the blade ready to sweep with your palm facing upwards.

C: This is the trigger that tells you are ready to sweep. Then follow the exact same three body movements as a standard Greenland roll, sweep the right arm out and back, lean out and rotate towards the back of the kayak with your core, and raise your right knee.

D:The sweep has even more power than the standard roll due to the paddle being extended that much further. During the sweep your right hand should be palm up, and you should end the roll with the paddle out at right angle to the kayak and your body. As with the standard roll concentrate on looking at the end of the paddle and keep you head in the water until the last possible moment.

As with most competition style points are awarded if when you sit up you rotate the paddle still against your chest to point towards the front of the kayak.

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