Birthday paddling

We celebrated my 42nd birthday with a weekend at our Cabin on Spring Lake. Paddling numerous times. We collectively took a trip up the creek that feeds the West side of the lake. It was great to see how much stronger our girls have become in the past year, they both successfully crossed the lake in a stiff breeze, their kayaks were weather cocking badly (they need skegs) but they managed to control it without loosing their cool. They both also managed the entire trip without being towed – which is a new first.
Birthday hugsMum Paddled my Explorer which behaved great for her, she didn’t even use the skeg, in the past my Capella would have been a little devil in those conditions. I took the Tahe Greenland. And tried to help the girls learn stern and bow rudders in the river to help navigate.The weed situation was good in the river, with only one small section being green. The lake water was quite a mess due to the northerly breeze pushing all the debris south onto our beach. There was a die-off of Crappie fish in the lake which ended up on the south shore – nasty smell, I guess there are too many fish in the lake again this year.My girls

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