A blustery day

I completed two coats of primer on the master bedroom walls before I ran out of paint, it certainly has cheered up the room, making it considerably brighter.

After running out of paint I tried out the new scraper, cleaning off all the glue and giving the floor a final sweep in anticipation of a new hardwood floor going down next weekend. I figure I can paint the walls this week during the evenings, and then get to the floor with any luck on Sunday.
I took off all the tape I had been using to hold the trim in place while the glue set, you can see from the picture on the right how I still need to trim the top of the window on the left and complete the siding. The glue has held and the place looks a lot smarter without the trim hanging off!
I put the doors on all the kitchen wall cabinets to cheer the place up a bit, my arms ached by the end of screwing in each hinge and then adjusting each one so they all closed flush. I am sure they will need to be readjusted once they have settled.
We now need to choose the 20+ knobs or handles to go on the cabinets, and as soon as the walls are painted I can fix the base cabinets in their final resting places and get the counter tops measured and made. That reminds me we still have not picked out the sink….
I moved outside once the snow had melted and finished the lake side roof edge of the kayak house (compare the picture to this post if you want to see the difference), only the south end remains now. It was very windy the gusts kept blowing the metal out of my hands, which were getting very cold by the 30mph gusts. I think it looks great now. This week the door should get fitted and all the kayaks can be moved in. I found that the paddles fit nicely about the roof rafters, unfortunately this cant be their home as the girls will not be able to reach them, so I will need to develop an alternative rack once I see how all the kayaks fit.
I raked some of the beach to clean it up and explore what the sand quality was like. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that someone had cleared up most of the mess left by the neighbours dog, real progress. It was too cold to finish the job though, but that will be on my evening job list to tidy up the beach, and then research what I can do about bringing in fresh sand.
On the drive home I stopped off at a small bridge and photographed what I think is the head of the creek that I hope to explore with the girls in the canoe. Last year I made it quite a way up the creek, I eventually ran out of water, however there was a fork to the left which may be the way through to the main flow. This is not technically the head but there is a tunnel/bridge under the road and 20 feet later there is a weir, the pool above the weir is where the chemicals are being added to counteract the chemical imbalance in the lake caused by the fertilizers and septic drainage from older homes. I found a web site a few months ago which explains what is going on.

Apparently Ferric Chloride is pumped in to the lake to adjust the chemical properties. It also appears that over the past few year aggressive attempts have been made to reduce the weed growth along the edges of the lake, it seems both harvesting by cutting it out, as well as herbicides have been used with varying degrees of success.

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