This morning we spent three hours blowing 1000 cubic feet of insulation into the attic, looking like alien invaders with goggles face masks and boiler suits we must have looked quite a sight when we finally emerged triumphant, the photograph looks blurry, that though is just the dust floating in the air my dad “drove” the hose and I loaded up the blower with the 52 bails of recycled paper, this eventually turned into 15 inches of insulation, I hope this should keep the heating bill nice and low. When then fitted two new windows into the crawl space replacing the wooden rotting frames with modern upvc double glazed units.
The afternoon was spent firstly roughing in the new door, we then facxed the front with treated plywood, then wrapped the kayak house in Tyvek, and finally nailing roofing felt tiles onto the new roof. All the while snow kept falling, the air temp was 24F with a biting 10-20mph wind from the North West…. by the end my fingers were so cold I could not hold the nails while wearing gloves, so I just took the gloves off so I could see what was going on, by the time I went inside and the end of the day my fingers were blue and numb, but the job was done. We have special ordered a new roll up sectional door to be built. This evening we picked up all the moulding and quadrant to complete the bedrooms once the floors are down, as well as plywood to complete the wall in the breezeway.

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