Bryce Canyon Day 3

We packed up and drove to Bryce Canyon via Highway 9 and the tunnel through the hills. J decided this was the low point of the trip, she does not enjoy high speed hair-pin turns in an SUV apparently 😉 we stopped on route for a horrible cup of coffee and arrived at Bryce Canyon by around 11:30.

We drove to Sunset Point and we hiked the Navaho Loop which was icy snowy and wonderful, the Hodo’s were amazing as ever, and we were basically alone the entire time, we took a brief detour to the two-bridges

The hiking poles were a godsend again, enabling us to keep our footing on the icy stretches and provide a good support through the snow. We saw only one other couple the entire hike, and they were really struggling with the conditions underfoot.
We took a ton of pictures and then went to the local restaurant (there is only one) for a huge pulled pork barbecue sandwich which could have fed three people.

We had been advised then despite what you may think the fastest way back to Vegas (which is south of the canyons) was to go north,
so we did and followed highway 89 north to 20, which we took west to I15. J was reading the guide book and spotted that we would be driving right by Kolob Canyon which is within Zion Canyon State Park and so we stopped off and drove the “scenic drive” 5 miles up and back down the canyon, it was very windy, but we stopped and took some picture along the route, my co-pilot complained I was too fast but hey we had a long drive ahead of us. I15 was 75mph all the way to Vegas so we made great time.

We checked into the MGM Grand and walked the strip to the Bellagio Casino where we went to Noodles an Asian restaurant where we were both unimpressed by our dinners, we walked back via the New York New York Casino and had sinful deserts (chocolate cheesecake) then crossed the road and went to bed. We are now flying home then next morning which has been uneventful so far, apart from a very nice coffee from Starbucks.

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