Busy weekend

We made huge progress this weekend, much to the girls annoyance – they seem to believe that we should stop all work and just play as it was a holiday, and then sulked when we cranked through our list of jobs, thankfully though on Sunday we had a series of visitors first the in-laws came over and S took his first trip in a kayak, then J had a friend visit and we took the opportunity to stop work and just enjoy the afternoon sun shine. We paddled en-mass up the river and later the girls splashed around in the banana kayak using it as a swim/dive board. We cooked several meals on the grill this weekend, including beer can chicken; rapidly becoming a favorite as long as we call it turkey, K apparently does not like chicken unless we call it turkey…..
We are having a small party this coming weekend to celebrate the Cabin being officially open and me turning 40 years old and wrinkly – the list of must-do jobs prior to Friday night is getting shorter every day. I will take some pictures and up load them tonight. I could not resist loading up this video of Emma paddling – note the upside down paddle and sitting too far forward – there is no telling her what to do some days…..

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