Butterfly Chest Scull

Butterfly Chest Scull

A: Hold the paddle in your right hand, palm downwards. Float the paddle on the right side of the kayak, parallel and close to the hull. Twist your torso clockwise and face right.

B: Apply firm constant pressure to the kayak masik with your knee or thigh. Slowly lean out and away from the kayak, pushing the paddle ahead of you with your outstretched arm.

C: Lie flat on the water with the kayak rotated fully so it is upside down. Use the paddle’s buoyancy to provide additional force to keep you at the surface.

D: To recover, arch your back to push your head down. Swing your torso forward, keeping your head low. Bring your head low towards the center of the kayak, keeping it in the water until the last moment. You will finish with the paddle floating next to the kayak in the starting position.

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