Butterfly Roll or Angel Roll

Butterfly or Angel Roll

A: To roll up on the right start with the paddle floating parallel to the kayak on the left side, cross your right arm over the kayak and hold the paddle loosely, cross your left arm under the right arm and grasp the edge of the cockpit.

B: Roll left, wait for the paddle to reach the surface. Because you are holding the paddle with just one hand it will tend to wriggle around a fair bit. When it surfaces make sure it is orientated so the blades are flat on the surface. Then push the paddle away from the kayak with your right arm. Arch your back and push your head backwards.

C: With your right arm extended out sideways swing your body backwards in the standard lay-back position using the paddles buoyancy as assistance and flopping your left arm over the back deck as you finish.

D: You should end with your right arm extended palm up holding the paddle parallel to the kayak while lying back on the aft deck. your left arm off to the left in a crucifix like position.

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