Cabin Exterior

Today I did a few jobs inside until the neighborhood was awake, I fixed the end birch boards onto the kitchen cabinets in preparation for the countertop measuring. We have purchased granite counter tops and they are coming to measure them soon. I spackled a few areas of the bedroom walls that needed tidying up and I helped J to empty Eā€™s bedroom in preparation for her spending the day painting it. J finished the woodwork in the living room also.
Out side I removed the old rotting wooden soffits, repaired the wooden fascia where it was rotten and then proceeded to fit vinyl soffits around the deck area of the roof, and then finished the job off with vinyl fascia.
After lunch I moved onto the fascia above the master bedroom windows, and then the gable end of the roof, I was doing this at the end of a 17 foot ladder standing very near the top in a most precarious position, banging in white aluminum nails at full stretch. In the picture of me on the ladder you can just make out a large vent by my head, while I was working there, it felt standing in front of an oven with the door open, the heat was just pouring out of the open vent, inside the house was nice and cool, the new loft insulation is doing a great job keeping the heat out now.
I spent the remainder of the afternoon removing and then replacing the soffits and fascia along the south side of the house.
I have another 3-4 hours to go before the front is complete. I am not going to focus on the East side of the house yet, preparing for the new deck is a higher priority.
The overall look is very pleasing, as J stated it no longer looks like the place is falling down.
I chatted with the neighbors today and showed them our plans for the landscaping, we talked briefly about their shed, apparently the neighbor on the other side is pretty mad at them and has asked them to move the shed back away from the lake, I offered my arms to help… just so long as it stays on that side of their yard šŸ˜‰
This evening after showering I realized how much sun I had caught, my calves, and fore arms are stingy, as well as the back of my neck… more sun block tomorrow.

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