Cabin Progress

We are finding that we are able to spend at best one weekend out of two at the cabin, due to K’s busy schedule of Ice Skating, Skiing, Brownies etc. This weekend we made substantial progress nearly completing all electrics.

So far we have removed two interior walls, removed the previous kitchen added the new circuits for the new kitchen, rewired the living room and bedroom, rewired the garage, moved an interior door to make room for the kitchen, and fitted the new lighting for the kitchen and dining room.

Next steps for electrics include adding in a second switch for the breeze way lights and adding sockets in the dining room. We will then switch to demolition of the bathroom which J has already started by removing the floor tiles, and then deal with moving the plumbing for the new kitchen.

I am glad to be out of the attic in which I spent most of this weekend pulling wires. It is remarkable to see how bad some of the wiring was, I discovered at least 4 different generations of cables, and when I opened up some of the junction boxes the insulation just cracked a fell off the old cables.

We still have yet to discover how the kayak house is connected to the house electrical supply, I am not convinced it currently is, and it certainly does not appear to be live at the moment.

We have found the manufacturer of the hardwood laminate used in the kitchen floors so we are hopeful we will be able to buy replacement boards for where the walls used to be and now there is a gapping void in the hardwood.

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