Call me crazy

But half the excitement of a kayak trip is the preparation and packing and planning.
Tonight I get to trash the living room by laying out all my gear (again) and starting to pack the dry bags.
I still need a few more smaller bags, I am bringing a satellite  phone again at it needs a home, plus I prefer more smaller bags to just a few huge ones – its more flexible that way. I got a new wind proof lighter for my stove and roasty toasty bonfires… and a water proof container for storm proof matches, I know, its the small things…. they make me happy.
Also due to the warmer weather its time to treat the tent and clothes with permethrin to keep the ticks at bay. And this time I must pack fewer clothes – I always put too many in my pack.
Treats are important so I need to decide what it will be, last trip it was crystallized ginger, I tried choclate once – it melted and then froze into a very strange shape. – wont do that again in a hurry.
Looking forward to feeling the bow lift on the first wave…..

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