Cascade River and Grand Marais

K’s first hiking experience could not have been better, we had bright sunshine upper sixty degree temperatures. We took her to Cascade River State Park and walked up to the top of Lookout Mountain. Along the way we passed the spectacular falls (cascades) and saw the wonderful Root Beer water flowing down them:

When we reached the summit K was convinced that is the view was so pretty we could print a photograph of the view on canvas, sign it and call it art.

We sat on the rocks for some time and then eventually descended back to the car, and returned to our house where we threw K in the pool for an hour. Once revived we headed up to Grand Marais and browsed the few shops, got frozen walking out to sea the light house, and then ate a great dinner at the Angry Trout. Afterwards we made our way south a a co-worker of J’s parents house where there was a small birthday celebration going on. K got to experience her first ever Coke from a glass bottle and to ride bareback on the most magnificent working horse which had that morning been pulling logs out of the Boundary Water area.

When we finally crawled into bed smelling of log fires and exhausted from all the fresh air we all slept like logs, waking at 8:30 an unheard of event..

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