Chillin’ at the cabin

Well it was chilly, Saturday never got into the 70’s we hung out for a while then I visited Home Depot and bought vinyl guttering which I spent the afternoon and Sunday morning installing. The girls did back to school shopping.

Guttering is not exactly exciting stuff I know, but it will improve the quality of life for the plants out front and also make the deck more usable – previously when it rained the lack of guttering around the deck made it feel like you were living inside a waterfall.

The grass has improved dramatically since the begining of the growing season, Buck has been helping us kill the weeds and it has really paid off. We have instructions for next spring.

I paddled across the lake and back this morning just for the heck of it, it was blustery and very few people were out. I practiced some (not so) static bracing out in the middle, I wore my paddling jacket, the first time in several month I have needed anything more than a shirt.

I spent the afternoon getting my gear ready for the trip east, looking forward to four great lakes in two days…..

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