Rolling Sessions

Want to hear about our rolling sessions?
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Greenland Kayak Rolling Sessions

If you are looking for directions they are in the FAQ below, the address for your GPS is: 1980 Lake View Drive, Jordan MN 55352.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Schedule?
In previous years I have scheduled about 20 sessions per summer to help people learn, this year the sessions will be on-demand, by demand. If you are interested in setting something up just contact me and we will make something happen. The reason for this change is two-fold; first I only want to work with passionate people eager to learn, second I have been expanding the training I am offering and working to broaden the availability of Traditional Paddling training in general across the region. Oh and I have been spending a lot of time working on the development of the Shrike Kayak.

What will it cost?
Nada, nothing, zip…. $0, assuming I am not traveling. Just bring your gear, and a desire to learn. I do this because I love to roll and want to help as many people learn as I can. If you feel so inclined you can buy my Book and DVD Rolling with Sticks.

When can I do it?
Genuinely flexible, as long as it fits around my family’s schedule. Usually, Saturday mornings 9:00am, and Wednesday evenings 5:30pm.
Contact me early to get the time you want, and I will do my best to make the day and time work.

Where can I do it?
Spring Lake, Jordan MN. Map here. If you are attending a session you can download Directions here. Teaching takes place off a small sandy beach with a soft bottom, the water depth slowly increases letting me be in the water next to the kayaks to help people learn safely.
Occasionally due to water or weather conditions we move the rolling sessions to Sand Point Beach on Prior Lake, which is located next to the DNR kayak access to Prior Lake on the North side, reached from County Road 42. Map available here.

What should I bring?
Bring your kayak, and all your regular gear, spray-skirt, pfd. Make sure you dress for the water temperature as you will be in it a lot!.
If you have a paddle float bring it along. And bring a drink and a snack, 2 hours of rolling burns a lot of calories.

How do I teach?
If you are interested in my teaching methods you can read about them in my blog.

“A great teacher with lots of patience and a great sense of fun”
Elizabeth from Minnesota.


“Thanks for a great rolling class. Good instruction, good explanations, good work on muscle memory.”
Fran from Minnesota.