Counter Tops and Tee Rescues

Yesterday the granite counter tops arrived, we are extremely pleased with the look, they are light colored with flecks of black, silver and blue, they match the stainless appliances and the light birch cabinets.

I finished the trellis, and fixed the leaking shower drain. I spent the afternoon plumbing in the kitchen sink dishwasher and disposal. While J painted the remaining trim in the bedrooms, I fitted K’s bedroom door, and put the window blinds up in the mater bedroom.
In the evening I cut the grass and watered the shrubs, this was the first cut for the new sod and it seems to have rooted well.
We had dinner by the lake, and then after dinner I took the two littler girls for a paddle, three singles drifting along the south shore of the lake, we made it about a mile, turned round and paddled back, E gave up half way home and I towed her using my new tow belt (very effective). When we were approaching shore E decided she would like to jump out of the Cappella, with the predictable result of it flipping upside down. While she was enjoying swimming I found out just how hard it is to do a Tee rescue with the kayak upside down, the suction from the cockpit made it very tough. Righting it even though it was partially filled made it ten times easier to slide up onto my kayak, flip over and drain, no need to pump at all just a quick sponge and it was dry. E was not and was extremely happy bobbing arround in the lake getting her toes touched by weeds. The winter of practice in the pool has been extremely valuable for me learning the appropriate skills needed to keep everyone safe.

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