Cramps and Sprayskirts

A few things of note from last night, first; holly cow cramps! After rolling nearly continuously for about 90 minutes my left leg in my calf and hamstring cramped, while I was upside down in the kayak trying to perform a new roll. The pain was intense and I flunked the roll, which then caused me to have to set up and roll again, I have to admit I was a little worried at the time. I stretched out for a bit and then spent the last few minutes of the session practicing more basic rolls, as Jeff put it to reinforce some positive memory muscles.

The second thing of note was my satisfaction in being able to help one of my fellow rogue pool session attendees overcome her fear of wet exiting from her kayak, apparently the first time she had attempted to wet exit she had pulled so hard on her spray skirt she ripped the handle off, I can only imagine the horror in her mind when that happened. Anyway we went through a gentle progression and by the end of the session she was confidently wet exiting and then re-entering her kayak with her spray skirt on.
The experience did bring up something in my mind that I want to rant about: Spray skirt grab loops, first why the heck would a company make one so weak that the stitches break and can be pulled off, second why oh why do so many companies just make then out of a loop of nylon belt material, Immersion Research cover then in a nice rubber tube as do other good manufactures, this ensures they are much easier to find, when blind and upside down. It ought to be mandated IMHO, anyway I gave her instructions on how to fix hers and I hope when she returns to the pool to see that she has fixed it.

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