I learned a roll the wrong way…. I guess it happens to the best of us.
The Kingup apummaatigut which is performed with the paddle held low behind the back is actually a reverse sweep roll, I was performing it as a standard sweep roll. It needs to finish slightly forward.. back to the pool to me. This was pointed out to me by Hapsgevesen
Here is the “official” QajaqUSA description:

“Start with paddle behind back, against gunwale leaning aft, finish with paddle
behind back leaning slightly forward. Forward or reverse sculling motion for
recovery is permitted. Different variations are cupping your inboard hand around
the paddle tip (easiest), holding the paddle tip palm-up (slightly more
difficult) or holding the paddle tip palm down (most difficult). The palm-up
version is expected for competition. You are not required to return to the
original setup position upon recovery”

I was digging through Hapsgevesen’s videos and came across the next roll I want to perform the Tallit paarlatsillugit paateqarluni/masikkut, which is similar to the Storm roll but performed with arms crossed. Here he is performing it:

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