Day 2: Sand Island wind day

Anyone who paddles on Superior had better listen to the weather forecast; we did, and decided to take a “wind day”. The wind was blowing strongly from the west, and the forecast was for it to become a sustained 25 knots with 3 – 4 foot waves. Our plan had been to go to see Eagle Island or the mainland sea caves, both of which would have been tough paddles directly into the waves and then return with them. Never having been to Sand Island before I jumped at the chance to avoid an ugly paddle and instead enjoy a day hiking and exploring what the island had to offer us. Fortunately the sun was out most of the time and the rain quit during the night so it was a lovely day for exploring.
Morning, looking East from Sand 3
Ron decided it was time to wake me up around 7am with a yell of “Coffee”, he had brewed a French press full of the good stuff we had bought and freshly ground en route yesterday. We had a relaxed hot breakfast and talked through what to spend the day doing. We each packed our small backpacks with supplies so we could cook lunch, and packed all our waterproof gear just in case.
Surf's up
We walked east along the beach, or more accurately we were blown along the beach. The surf was building and we were tempted to go play in the surf, but there were rocks littering the beach and neither of us had helmets, so we stuck to our hike. At the east end of the beach a wooden set of steps takes you up into the forest and half mile paths lead us to the light house. By the time we reached the light house the wind was very strong and the waves were breaking high against the rocks, making photography a game of dodge the waves.
A solid 3 footer
After watching the scene for some time we cooked a warming lunch and I put on my waterproofs just to keep the wind off me. A group of eleven paddlers arrived by foot having hiked up from the Eastern shore camp sites, they were coming to see if a paddle around the light house was possible, the rough conditions wisely put them off the idea. I took a nap out of the wind, enjoying the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun.
The hike back along the beach was directly into the wind allowing us to feel its full force and be glad that we weren’t paddling into it all day. The camp was nicely sheltered and we spent the late afternoon lounging on the rocks soaking up the sun’s rays while keeping out of the wind.
After dinner we combed the beach for drift wood and built a roaring fire to stay warm by. The sun set was as usual spectacular and at around ten o’clock we gave up and turned into our hammocks having set an alarm clock for an early start at 5am the next morning.

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