Day3: Sand Island – Savage

We rose early and were packed and afloat before 8.
Morning Glory
The lake had calmed down overnight and the wind switched around to a gentle breeze from the south east. The bay was completely sheltered and we crossed to the light house, pausing for a few pictures and then turned south along the eastern shore.
The coastline was very similar to Devils Island, small rocky cliffs, occasional pebble beaches, and then the sea caves.
Sand Island Lighthouse
Whilst the sea caves were not as numerous as those we had explored on Devil’s island they were still just as spectacular, with many linked together allowing exploration deep under the cliffs, several times I got myself way back in the depth needing to perform very tight turns and occasionally simply having to reverse out. The sea state was calm allowing us to safely enter some of the very low caves requiring me to hug the foredeck at times to make it.
I would really recommend a helmet to anyone who tries these caves during anything other than the calmest weather.
Emerald waters
After drifting through the caves for nearly an hour we pushed on south, as we rounded the corner we saw the eleven paddlers from yesterday departing their camp, we put our arms into high gear and paddled swiftly cross the bay to meet them in the middle of their route back to Little Sand Bay. They were mainly beginners; I was rather alarmed to see most of them just wearing cotton tee shirts on top of farmer john wetsuits. Fortunately for them it was calm and no one tipped in, but they would have been struggling if conditions had not been as perfect as they were.
We paddled the last couple of miles back to the beach without incident, unloaded the kayaks into the Volvo, threw them on to the trailer and drove home via a great burger joint in Cornucopia.
The trip was too short, but I had to get back home to meet Emma and my Mum both of whom were arriving into MSP on Friday.
I would recommend the Sand 3 campsite to anyone who wants to experience the island and have a peaceful time. It is well protected from any weather except if it comes from the north. The amenities are minimal – and table, and fire pit and a bear box, so bring a spade.

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