Deck line beads

In many pictures of traditional SOF kayaks I have noticed the deck line beads (often made of carved bone and ivory). During my first few paddles in the Tahe with a stick I discovered how necessary they are to allow you to stow a Greenland paddle as unlike a Euroblade the tip of the paddle is fairly blunt and does not lift up the deck lines. I fitted two beads to the forward elastic deck line and I can now easily slip the paddle under and stow it. I am now left wondering if I should add beads to the deck lines just in front of the cockpit too. I am wondering if a reason to do it relates to the need to be able to one handed stow a rolling blade? I also am wondering if it is important to lock the beads in place or if it is okay for them to be free to move on the line? Anyone with experience please let me know.

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