The FTC published a guide covering endorsements including bloggers reviewing products 16 C.F.R. Part 255, this disclosure explains the way I use this website to make money in accordance with these guidlines. QajaqRolls.com, primarily written and published by Christopher Crowhurst (me), tries to “monetize” (i.e. make money) by selling Rolling with Sticks the DVD and waterproof guidebook to rolling.

Advertising on Qajaqrolls.com is provided gratis to the advertiser, I choose carefully whom I advertise, and sometimes they reciprocate by advertising qajaqrolls.com, again gratis. I advertise only those products and services I personal recommend. I receive no financial condensation if you click on the link and or choose to buy the product or service advertised.

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This is another form of advertising and again is provided as a service to the reader and the provider of the product or service.

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As a service to readers I provide links to various for-profit as well as not-for-profit websites related to the interests of kayakers, I receive no compensation for these links.

Evaluation Products
Occasionally, a company will send me a product to evaluate, sometimes I buy products to evaluate. Sometimes I return products after reviewing them, sometimes I keep them and sometimes I pay for them. I attempt to make this clear in the review. I may write a review about the product or mention the product. When I do you can count on it being as unbiased an opinion as I can provide. If I like the product, I’ll tell you. If I don’t, I either won’t publish a review or I will tell you in the review. If you have any questions about a product feel free to contact me to discuss it further.

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