DVD Review: Greenland Rolling with Maligaq and Dubside

This week a new Greenland Rolling training video was release by the University of Sea Kayaking. It features the highly experienced Maligaq Padilla, who has won the Greenland Rolling Championship no less than eight times, and renowned Dubside from the US.

I got my copy on Tuesday and have watched it once (it’s two DVDs, a huge amount of content). This video is about advanced rolling, I would not recommend this to someone as their first rolling video. Each roll in the Greenland Championship list (35+) is examined in great detail from at least four camera angles. The explanations are great, but should not be considered an end-to-end guide on how to do each roll. It will be a huge help to me personally as it will help me improve upon my style and posture.
The quality of the production and the extensive list of rolls sets this DVD apart from the others that have attempted to address the subject of rolling.
People interested in learning their first roll would be better off getting Helen Wilsons video Simplifying the Greenland Roll. Whilst Helen’s video does not have the production quality of the new video, it does have a much better approach to teaching people their first roll.
So my recommendation: If you don’t yet have a roll get Helen’s. If you do have a roll and want more, get a copy of the new USK DVD, you won’t be disappointed.

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