A few things of interest

#1, the worlds best, and most expensive nose clips (for those that wonder why I care, rolling in a green lake tends to mess with my sinus cavities) $60 and out of stock: http://www.learnfreediving.com/store/noseclip.asp

#2, another carbon Greenland paddle manufacturer, this one makes a two part paddle: http://www.superiorkayaks.com/superiorkayaks2009_004.htm

#3, another roll/brace to learn the Petrussen Maneuver: http://www.qajaqusa.org/QK/petrussen_maneuver/Petrussen_Maneuver.html

#4, a new (to us) great place it eat: This evening J and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at Forepaugh’s, a very nice restaurant in Saint Paul. We had a table on their roof top area looking down over Irvine park. The food was excellent and the complementary champagne went down well. I had scallops which were served in a lovely broth with leeks and fingerling potatoes. Desert was a blueberry cheesecake. I now need a diet….

Post Script: Just found these to try instead: http://www.coloradokayak.com/Squeeze

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