First dinner on the deck

When we got the girls back from their respective camps today we decided that as J was travelling the rest of the week we would go and enjoy the evening on the lake instead of rushing around doing any chores. We headed over and took three of the kayaks out the double and two singles, J and K in the singles E and I in the double. Emma paddled for all of 5 minutes and then promptly put the paddle away and sat on the bow dipping her toes in. K managed to paddle all the way to the rivers mouth whereupon we practiced stopping and turning and then she too was tired so I towed her back to shore. We cooked dinner on the new grill while the girls played in the water and then after watering the plants headed home, finally having just gone to the cabin to enjoy it for the evening. it could not have been a better day to be there, 95F and blue sky…

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